The art of upcycling! How to build an organization with a sustainable and social mission! With Nicholas Ninaber


Nicholas Ninaber is the co-founder of Nic&Mic, an organization with a mission of cleaning up waste, turning it into something beautiful, and ensuring continuity of decent employment for the makers. Inspired by the organization Ocean Sole, Nicholas and his brother Michael started Nic&Mic in 2014 through a successful crowdfunding campaign. Since then, Nic&Mic has grown into an organization that applies its success formula to several organizations and collaborates with various groups. Nicholas is passionate about social entrepreneurship and the art of upcycling. Nic&Mic represents and develops brands with a positive impact on the environment and people, ensuring that artisans in developing countries are well-paid and enjoy their work.

In conversation with Nicholas Ninaber, you'll learn:

  • Importance of a social mission: Nic&Mic's success is driven by its social mission of upcycling waste, creating unique products, and ensuring fair wages and employment for artisans. It's crucial to have a clear and compelling social mission that motivates you and your team.
  • Embrace challenges: Starting and running a business with a social mission is not always easy. Nic can share insights into the challenges he has faced and how he has overcome them, such as securing funding, building a supply chain, and developing marketing strategies.
  • Building strong partnerships: Nic&Mic collaborates with various organizations, such as Ashanti Design, ACT, and Chako Zanzibar, to achieve its mission. Nic can share insights into how these partnerships are built and maintained, how they contribute to the organization's mission, and how to find the right partners for your business.
  • Art of upcycling: Nic is passionate about the art of upcycling and can share insights into how to transform waste into beautiful and useful products. He can also discuss the importance of high-quality products and how to ensure that they meet customer expectations.
  • Social entrepreneurship: Nic is a successful social entrepreneur and can share insights into how to start and run a business with a social mission. He can discuss the importance of balancing social impact and profitability, building a team, developing a business plan, and creating a sustainable business model.


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